Why print still matters and how it can help your business

The last 20 years has seen the meteoric rise of digital publishing and marketing. This has come with predictions about print marketing’s days being numbered and its lack of relevancy. Digital technology has opened new marketing channels and techniques and provided agencies with new avenues for innovation and the creation of never-before-seen campaign strategies and tactics.

Although print has been affected irrevocably, particularly in the publishing industry, it is still considered a powerful medium. This shift towards new and emerging technologies isn’t the end of its relevance or usefulness.

A captive audience

Print remains valuable due its ability to demand the reader’s undivided attention. People choose to read magazines and advertising material and give the physical artifact in their hands total focus. They aren’t multitasking or allowing content to glide past them on a screen, which means their engagement level is higher.

Longer shelf life

Digital content tends to be more transient and exists in a stream of online content. This means it dates faster than print media, which makes it disposable once it is no longer part of the current trend. Print media provides a tactile experience and that gives it an aura of importance. This permanence generally assumes that more thought and time is devoted to its creation, making it relevant for longer.

Higher value medium

Print is now a premium form of media and audiences attribute a greater level of authority to brands that invest in physical items. People are being overwhelmed with digital marketing and well executed print marketing campaign can help a business stand out and differentiate itself in an industry.

Universal access

Print media doesn’t require any special equipment for people to pick it up and engage with it. There are no issues with cross device or cross browser compatibility. People are more likely to engage for longer with a well-designed printed piece of marketing than digital marketing.

No limit to its reach

Printed media encompasses a wide range of material and is not only pieces of paper. Where digital advertising and brand exposure in essence offer one experience – a flat, textureless screen – print media goes further. In addition to business cards and brochures, posters, magazines and newspapers, printing can be performed on virtually anything. This includes promotional materials such as USB drives, pens, mugs, stickers, keyrings, and more, as well as vehicles and clothing. Print media can turn anything into a billboard to promote your business, its products, services and brand.

A complete brand experience

Branding is a holistic exercise and neglect of the physical realm simply because your company provides an intangible product leaves a gap in your strategy. Successful advertising and marketing requires innovative ideas and the use of every available tactic.

Digital media has come a long way and will continue to evolve, which makes it vital to successful marketing and branding strategies. However, businesses that dismiss the continued impact print media has on the landscape are missing an important and lucrative channel for promotion, engagement and brand exposure. Combining the latest digital innovations with print media will give your brand the best chance to reach a wider audience.

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