The 5 biggest website mistakes in the manufacturing industry

Right now, one of the best marketing tools at your fingertips is your website, but too often websites fail to give business owners the expected results.

In the manufacturing industry there are a number of specific issues to avoid and things that need to be included on a website to get better returns.

Mistake #1 The website is not designed with an end goal in mind

A website needs to be designed and built around clear outcomes. What is it that you want people to do when they get to your website? It could be that you want to generate leads, sell a product or increase your mailing list. Whatever the desired outcome it needs to be something you can track and measure. The website design needs to guide users to take this action and make it easy for them to do so.

Mistake #2 The website does not differentiate the company

Too many manufacturing websites focus on lists of features and benefits of their products and services without addressing the main problem that they solve for their clients. Even if you have a very specialised product with little or no competition, often your target audience may not be as technically minded or needs a clear explanation on how this product will solve their problems.

The other related issue here is that the look and feel of manufacturing websites is often generic or dated.

Mistake #3 Not understanding what information potential clients are looking for

A manufacturing website should focus on the needs of your potential clients, rather than just on your products and services. For example, clients may be looking for testimonials of people you have worked with or who have used your product. Don’t be afraid to utilise video to showcase your products and services in action – this is also a great way to humanise your company by getting key staff involved in the videos.

Mistake # 4 Bad website structure

When relevant information is difficult to find, chances are visitors to your website will give up and move on to a competitor. It is important to be clear on what information is going to be relevant potential clients and not overwhelm them with too many technical details. Visitors who are interested in more information will contact you and this is a chance to lock in a meeting or provide more targeted information.

Mistake #5 Not having a broader digital strategy

The website should be the central aspect of your digital presence, but it is not a case of “if you build it, they will come”. Firstly, have a strategy for how your website will be found, this could be either by running SEO and AdWords campaigns, generating useful content to attract visitors, or other digital strategies.

Email marketing can also be a powerful way to get visitors to return to your site or stay in touch with potential prospects who may not be ready to do business with you yet.

A website designed with a clear strategy can help your manufacturing business  generate more leads and increase market share.

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