Schibello Café Website Redesign Case Study

Research shows that when a user visits a website, you have only 10 seconds to make a good impression and effectively convey what your brand and your website are all about. Users want to be able to get a quick snapshot of what your business has to offer before they will invest the time and energy to learn more about the company. We worked with Sydney based coffee contract roasters Schibello Café, to redesign their website focusing on intuitive layout and improved user experience.

The new website design incorporates a number of aspects that have improved usability and allowed the company to better showcase their services and products.

 Improved Navigation and Information Hierarchy. Working with the Schibello Café team, we re-organised site content to ensure simplified navigation and clear information hierarchy. This means content and products are now easier to find and users can quickly and easily navigate to the content that is most relevant to them.

The average website user only reads about one-quarter of the content that they see on a page. Text needs to be broken down into easy-to-read chunks and incorporate clear heading so the page can be easily scanned. We helped restructure the content into smaller sections of text and ensured key information was displayed in a clear manner.

Compelling Design and Visuals. Research indicates that the design of a website impacts on the perceived credibility and trust in the business. We modernised the website design, making it more balanced and engaging.

Users are more likely to remember visual content rather than just text information. We worked with the Schibello Café team to integrate stunning photography that highlights the quality and heritage of the company. The use of custom photography allowed us to clearly express the brand personality and the quality of the products and services on offer.

Responsive Design. The new website is responsive and the design takes every element into consideration ensuring content can be accessed effectively across a range of devices.

Clear Calls to Action. In order to improve conversion rates and help Schibello Café drive more sales and engagement, we integrated prominent calls to action and ensured there was a clear user journey through the site.

Check out the new website here: www.schibellocaffe.com

Schibello Cafe

Schibello Cafe Website Redesign
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