Brand identity is an important element to your advertising and marketing efforts, but it is equally important for internal and business-to-business communication as well. At Beyond the Hedge, we strive to create quality reports and corporate material for your business that fit with your brand’s image.

When considering how to present your corporate reports and other business materials, we suggest that you maintain the same level of branding consistency that you do with customers and prospects. It is important to present a consistent image, especially to employees, business associates and other stakeholders. It shows belief in your brand, company vision and makes an impact by highlighting your successes and key information about the company’s performance.

Report Design

Well-presented reports command respect. They also get read. More importantly, people are more apt to remember what they read when presented with the material in the right way: with the best possible visuals and emphasis on the most important aspects of the report.

The format of your corporate reports is crucial to their effectiveness. At Beyond the Hedge, we create quality reports based on the data you provide or turn your existing copy into effective, informative reports that are concise and clear, directing attention to the key points and elements.

We can also enhance the quality of your reports with visuals that are compatible with your brand image with attention to the proper colours, fonts, and other visuals. You provide the data; we provide a visual representation that is clear and easy to understand for the reader.

Corporate Materials

Corporate materials can include general information, promotional information, training materials for your employees, and many other things related to your business. All of your corporate materials need to represent your brand well and appeal to their target audience.

Beyond the Hedge knows how to present your corporate materials in a way that sends the appropriate message to their recipients. Regardless of the type of information they contain, we can help you present it in a way that is easy to understand and consume.

Through the use of effective visuals and strategically organised page layout, we make the message in your corporate materials clear. We can use your existing copy or write it for you based on the information you provide. Either way, we can create materials for your business that represent your brand well and integrate with your overall branding direction.

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