Whether you need a visually stunning presentation to distribute as a digital asset to your customers or a polished, professional one for business-to-business marketing and communication, Beyond the Hedge has the right strategy and epertise to make your online presentation one that will be both compelling and engaging.

Presentations can serve a number of purposes. They can be used as the backdrop for a speech or sales letter, they can lend a necessary visual element to complex concepts, and they can be used to steer the attention of your audience in a specific direction. A well-designed presentation can achieve all of these goals, but one that is poorly designed can unravel your message just as easily. This is why at Beyond the Hedge we adhere to a set of standards that maximize the effectiveness and reach of your presentation.

Our Presentation Design Strategy

Simplicity and Consistency — We will craft your presentation with a simple, straightforward design, ensuring good flow and visual consistency. There is nothing worse than a presentation with jumpy, mismatched text and graphics or one with too many graphics distracting from the message of each slide.

Integrating with Brand Platform — The visuals in your presentation will reinforce your overall branding strategy from colours, to graphics, to fonts, and layout.

Proportioned Text and Graphics — We will design your presentation with appropriately sized fonts and text that is presented in digestible chunks. A good rule of thumb is the 6X6 rule: No more than 6 lines of text per slide and no more than 6 words per line. The best presentations also make minimal use of punctuation and refrain from using all uppercase whenever possible. We design presentations with these guidelines in mind.

Effective Visuals — We carefully select images that reinforce your message or incorporate images you provide in an effective manner. Images should not direct attention away from your message, so we ensure that the visuals enhance the message and never detract from it.

Maintaining a Professional Image — Special effects have their place, but they need to be used correctly and in the right proportions to ensure that they do not distract from the rest of your presentation. We make sparing but effective use of special effects to ensure that they direct attention where you want it and enhance the viewer’s ability to engage with the content.

Beyond the Hedge can help make your next presentation as effective, engaging and memorable.

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