Having a strong identity is a critical part of any marketing strategy. A logo is the most recognizable element about your company, event or product. It needs to represent you accurately and communicate effectively to your users, customers and stakeholders.

A custom-designed logo from Beyond the Hedge provides your brand with the kind of positive recognition that attracts and retains customers and sets you apart from the competition. It also makes your product or service easy to identify.

Smart Logo Design

The perfect logo is one that clearly represents your brand, is unique in its approach to the product or service, and communicates effectively to your target audience. An effective logo possesses a delicate balance of simplicity and individuality. It should convey a definite message and be considered in all aspects, from its imagery to its geometry to its use of colours.

The Reach of Your Logo

Your logo will appear across a wide range of media from business cards, to websites, to stationery, media marketing, to printed ads, and other media channels. It is important your logo is designed to be effective across a range of media and position your company well for success. It is the single most visible part of your business, more customer-facing than even your first-contact frontline sales staff.

We can design a logo for:

  • New startup companies
  • Company rebrands
  • New products or product rebrands
  • Events
  • Clubs and other organisations
Looking for a more comprehensive approach to your identity? We also offer branding and creative strategy services.
“The team at Beyond the Hedge have great customer service, are efficient and always responsive. The team took on board any suggestions and are committed to ensuring their customers are happy with their design work.”
– Claire Scobie, Author
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