Over the past five years, searches for infographics on Google have increased 25 times, and studies have shown that using infographics in your marketing mix can significantly improve traffic to your website.

No matter what business you’re in, your brand message can benefit from the use of infographics, and at Beyond the Hedge we know how to use them effectively.

Our Infographic Design Strategy

Infographics by themselves don’t guarantee success, they need the right balance of great content and smart design. That’s why at Beyond the Hedge we have developed a process and strategy to ensure the infographics we design are effective and engaging. These are the core components to every infographic we develop:

Define the Topic — What questions do you want to pose to your target audience? What information can you present that will immediately capture their interest? We don’t just create visuals around your topic; we can also conduct relevant research and collect all the necessary data to create compelling visuals.

Narrow the Focus — We concentrate your message into one clear and concise statement or question. We don’t just talk in general terms about your product or brand; we focus on that one thing that makes it most appealing to your ideal demographic.

Be Direct — On average, most people will spend about three minutes perusing an infographic, so we make sure that the infographic design provides maximum impact. All the content in your infographic will be relevant and keep the reader’s focus on the main topic.

Organization — The content of your infographic needs to be organised in a logical, easy-to-follow way. It needs to flow in a progression that the reader can easily follow, telling a story or leading to a call to action. Your infographic design needs to incorporate the proper balance of engaging content and effective layout to be effective.

Platforms and integration — Infographics can be implements across a range of channels, including as a standalone image to be shared across social channels; in annual reports and printed posters. We can also implement them across digital and interactive media including presentations, turn them into interactive landing pages, or motion videos. We also offer animated explainer video design services.

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