Animated explainer videos are proven to be an effective tool in generating website traffic, converting customers and creating brand engagement. If you don’t have video to share on your social media channels or website but your competition does, you are missing out on leads and opportunities. A great place to start is with an animated explainer video.

What Is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short, concise presentation that outlines a problem then presents your product or service as the solution. An explainer video is unique to your brand both in content and visuals.

The Creative Process

There is a specific formula to a successful explainer video, but within that formula is a good bit of room to individualize the presentation of your idea. Our general approach looks like this:

Outline the Story — The content of your explainer video needs to be interesting and engaging. What story do you want to tell about your product? Remember, it’s not just enough to talk about it — your audience needs to experience it to get excited about it.

Good explainer videos often focus on a central character, one who represents your ideal customer avatar. Once the story outline is in place, it’s time to tell your avatar’s story in a way that captivates.

Present the Problem — What is the issue, problem, or “pain” that your product or service exists to address? We begin by acknowledging that the problem exists and relate it to your avatar. This creates a sense of relatability between your brand and the viewer.

Make the Solution Appealing — This is where the genius of your product or service needs to shine. It is the solution, not just a good choice. This part of the video provides resolution to the conflict presented in the beginning.

State a Clear Call to Action — What should viewers do now? We can direct them to your landing page, opt-in or other actionable goal.

An explainer video can help engage your users for longer, convert users to customers and increase brand engagement across your social media channels.

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