Your presence at an event needs to command attention and make a lasting impression. The materials you display and distribute at an event will be responsible for the level of attention your company receives.

You want to be sure that your event and promotional materials are a worthy representation of your brand, that they clearly communicate the message you want to send, and that they present a clear call to action. At Beyond the Hedge, we produce event and promotional materials that get results.

Unique Messaging

Your promotional material needs will likely differ from one event to another, especially if you are attempting to reach a broad demographic. For example you will likely need to present your message differently at an industry trade show than you would at a public event. We can easily create integrated promotional materials that target various segments of your prospective customer base.

Keeping It Simple

Large events can easily overwhelm attendees. When your prospective customers and clients find your booth, you want to be presenting material that is easy to consume.

At Beyond the Hedge, we understand that the key to effective promotional material is clarity coupled with brand recognition. This is why we create promotional material with a clear and direct message using visuals that reinforce the colours, format, and overall presentation of your brand.

Different Prospects, Different Materials

You want to have a variety of promotional material on hand that appeals to different personalities and learning types. Not everybody is going to respond the same way to the same kind of promotional material.

Some people are visual learners and will respond better to a one-page flyer with plenty of informative graphics. Others are more interested in in-depth written communication and need a well laid out brochure. You have to be prepared to cater to both if you want to capture more leads.

Remember: You Are Your Brand

Your staff members should be easy to pick out in the crowd, and your company’s logo and branding should be prominently displayed when you approach prospects. Simple handwritten nametags don’t have the impact of a well-designed ID that reflects your branding initiative well, so consider them as part of your promotional strategy at your next event.

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