An online newsletter is a great way to maintain contact with your customers and prospects. Whether you decide to go with a web or email-based newsletter, Beyond the Hedge has you covered.

Developing Email Marketing

It’s not enough to simply provide content to your site visitors or list members. The key is providing digestible, effective content that grabs and holds the attention of the viewer. When we design your newsletter, our goal is simple: to create content that fits with your brand’s message and engages the user with your brand.

Our Approach

Developing the perfect email marketing content and strategy is a process that has a number of vital steps. Our approach to creating your newsletter involves all of the following:

1. Determining the Goal of Your Newsletter — We won’t write a word until we are clear on what your goal is for your newsletter and how it will mesh with your overall content strategy.

2. Gather and Create the Content — Depending on how often you plan to publish your newsletter, we will gather and create timely, relevant content that conveys your brand’s message clearly.

3. Design the Template — This is always based on your branding strategy and is designed to integrate with your other marketing collateral.

4. Create the Body Content — The right words and images are a great start, but how you present your message is every bit as important as what you have to say. We will design your newsletter to be compelling in both visual and text content.

5. Create Stellar Headlines or Subjects — This is the first thing your readers are likely to notice, particularly if you opt for an email newsletter, so it has to immediately draw them in. We recognize the importance of good headlines and subjects and will strategise with you how to make them powerful and effective.

6. Ensure Cross-Platform Readability — For web-based newsletters, the page is responsive and easy to read on any device. For email, it means creating pages that can be easily opened and read on most email readers and web-based mail clients.

At Beyond the Hedge, we ensure everything that reaches your customers represents you in the most effective and engaging way.

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