Is your ecommerce website bringing in all the business you know your product or service can produce? If not, it might be time to consider some changes. Don’t have an e-commerce site yet? You’ve come to the right place!

Superior User Experience

Your site needs to be as unique as your brand and be easy to navigate with pages that open quickly and display properly on any device.

You need more than a big BUY button in the middle of a page to make an effective ecommerce website design. Your overall presence and brand positioning are vital elements of your ecommerce website, and we know how to optimize both to ensure more click-throughs and buys.

The best ecommerce website designs are those that are geared toward providing the best shopping experience. It doesn’t matter how good a site looks. If it isn’t designed properly, it won’t generate sales. Some people visit ecommerce sites to buy; some visit to browse and just “hang out.” Your site needs to cater to both, and it needs to be able to convert both kinds of visitors into customers.

The Ultimate Product Showcase

Let Beyond the Hedge design an ecommerce website for your business that showcases all of your product categories, special deals and new arrivals.

An ecommerce website designed by Beyond the Hedge will showcase all the advantages of your products and tap into your target market with an engaging site design, compelling copy, relevant content, and a singularly immersive and interactive experience.

Build Trust in Your Brand

We will help you present your product in a way that earns your customers’ trust. This includes making sure that all of the following are in place when your site launches:

  • All links on your homepage point to the appropriate product page.
  • Information on guarantees, returns, and warranties that is easy to find and understand.
  • A checkout and delivery process that is simple and efficient.

People are very selective about where they spend their dollars and how they spend them, especially online. Not only does your site have to be secure, but it also needs to feel trustworthy to your visitors. It needs to be a place where your customers can buy with confidence and one that showcases your product in a way that makes people want to buy from you. At Beyond the Hedge, we understand how important this is, and we know how to create a site that sells.

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