At Beyond the Hedge, we design the ultimate marketing platform with effective branding at its foundation and intelligent implementation of brand assets that get you noticed.

A vital part of any marketing initiative is having promotional materials that are properly aligned with your brand. Colors, fonts, logos, and graphics all need to send a consistent message across advertising media and must be designed to reach as many people as possible.

This is why when you trust us to execute your company’s creative strategy, we create brochures, flyers, and posters with powerful messages and images that also promote brand recognition.


Most people will say that a successful brochure is one that informs, and while the message in your brochure does need to be accurate and informative, that is not what makes it effective. At Beyond the Hedge, we understand that a brochure’s effectiveness lies in its power to persuade, not simply to inform.

We employ the right message coupled with eye-catching visuals and consistent branding elements to give your brochure that all-important persuasive edge. Our brochures are designed to capture and hold the interest of your target audience and create an atmosphere of trust around your product and your message.


The purpose of a sales or promotional flyer is simple: It is designed to get the attention of a customer or prospect quickly. It should deliver a short, concise message with eye-catching images and a visual scheme that is consistent in look and feel with your overall branding initiative.

We create flyers that command attention, convey a concise message, and deliver a clear call to action. More importantly, we tailor every flyer we create to the needs of your business. Yours is a unique message, and it requires a unique approach. Choose a simple one-sided design or give your prospects even more information with a two-sided flyer that is informative yet uncluttered.


Posters are all about the visual communication. That’s why when you trust us to create marketing posters for your business, we don’t clutter them with too many words or convoluted images. The images we use on your posters will always align perfectly with your brand and convey the exact message you are trying to send.

Our posters never suffer from information overload. The wording is always concise and direct, leaving a lasting impression in the minds of your customers and prospects.

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