How Infographics Can Help Your Brand

An infographic is best described as a visual display of information. Infographics make use of design, color, and engaging copy to convey numerical information, trends, patterns, or a story in a way that is both coherent and engaging. An effective infographic can take even the most complex sets of information and data and render them in a way that is clear and easily digestible. The bottom line is that infographics can be an incredibly powerful addition to your marketing strategy. Take a look at the ways in which infographics can help your brand to more effectively convey information.

Visual storytelling.

An excellent way to captivate your audience’s attention is through visual storytelling, as it strategically employs images, colors, and movement in a way that catches the eye. This is much, much more effective than swaths of visual text. Studies consistently show that a consumer is much more likely to skim content than to actually read it. Furthermore, stories that are told visually leave a more lasting impact. Though reading retention rates do fluctuate based on a variety of different factors, it is estimated that the average reader will only retain approximately one-fourth of the content he or she reads. However, when visuals are thrown into the mix, retention rates soar. When you convey information visually, people are much more likely to remember it.

Convey complex trends or patterns with ease

Every good infographic will convey a compelling data set or story. Infographics can effectively break down even the most complex data sets into chunks that are easy to understand, through engaging data visualization. Why is data visualization so important? People don’t necessarily have the time (or the desire) to sort through data themselves and identify trends or patterns. Infographics provide an eye-catching shortcut to understanding complex information.

Boost engagement

Visual content is the key to driving engagement. In a recent analysis of content produced by the 10 most popular brands on Facebook, researchers found that users liked visually driven content updates at twice the rate of text updates. Furthermore, research also indicates that visually driven content is much more likely to be shared. This makes infographics an excellent way to facilitate engagement and interaction between your brand and your customers. Use of infographics can help to drive traffic to your site and increase inquiries.

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