How to Make Your Brand Stand Out from the Digital Crowd

Everyone is promoting their business online these days and it is more important than ever to set your brand apart. Simply building a website is no longer enough to bring customers to your business. You need to work on your SEO campaign, social media channels, and email marketing, but most importantly, craft a brand image that cuts through the digital noise.

Make it easy

For a lot of people, the path of least resistance is often the one they will choose. Regardless of how good your product or service is, make it a time consuming or complicated process to engage with and you will find users abandoning your site. Make sure the journey through your site is efficient and relevant to your target audience. Removing opportunities to back out is imperative to improving conversion and it also makes your product or service feel more accessible and easy to implement. Amazon is a great example of this, and there are plenty of others. Amazon have One-Click ordering and delivery. Once you have your address and payment information stored, you can place an order and pay for it before a single second thought about purchasing arises.

Build a consistent voice

Keeping your image the same across all your media channels is vital for customer recall. If you have six different logos in six different places and a different typeface every time you release any advertising, your business will lack professional credibility, as well as lose valuable opportunities to imprint an image on your customer’s mind. Stick with a particular font, a clear and concise logo, as well as develop a unique brand voice, and your business will be high in the recollection of people when they are looking for a service or product like yours. It is a common example, but Apple continually hone and refine their brand without sacrificing what makes it iconic. Their television advertisements are instantly recognisable, and even the mere mention of tablet or smartphone conjures the image of the iPhone and the iPad, despite the hundreds of other brands and models available.

Be committed to the long game

Building a brand isn’t a one-time set and forget. It takes development and refinement, research and testing. Settling on a specific look without the ability or inclination to adapt to changing conditions will not provide any sustainable results. It takes commitment to stick with a certain set of branding tools, but it also requires commitment to the bigger concept of the business to alter what isn’t working and hone what is. Brands aren’t built overnight and turning your business and brand into something recognisable and loved takes time and effort. It took AirBnb two years to define their brand identity and three years for it to start to make any money at all. After much trial and error, a name change, and addressing the problems of image and security, it took off and the last four years have seen it explode into a US$1.3 billion business.

New brands are born every day

Turning your business into a success requires more than just a great idea. You must reach past the online clutter, engage with your customers and have a long-term brand strategy in place.

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