How to effectively develop and maintain your brand

A strong brand not only convinces a customer that your product or service is better than a competitors, it convinces them your company is trustworthy. An effective branding strategy combines incisive marketing tactics and careful public relations management to engage with your audience. Internally, cohesive communications across the business, including factors such as logo, promotional materials, and core values, will ensure your branding is more than skin deep.

Creating your strategy

Define your brand

Before people can understand your brand, you must understand it yourself. Being clear about your vision, your goals and your target audience, will allow you to clearly communicate the value of your company.

Deliver the right message, to the right people, in the right way

Be clear about the problems you can help you clients solve. Understand the needs of your target audience and make sure you address these. Engage with your target audience on platforms that are convenient for them, it could be through social media, it could be educational blog posts or YouTube videos.

Exceptional products and services

Brands live and die by the quality of their work and all the marketing spin in the world won’t compensate for poor user experiences. When kicking of a new marketing campaign or focusing on expansion, ensure your company has the resources and systems in place, to handle the expected influx of clients. Having good strategy in place to handle bad experiences and learning from them as business, can help to turn a negative result into a positive outcome.

Build a community

Don’t simply sell – engage. Use social media and blogs to create a call and response culture around your brand. Business is increasingly about building positive relationships, if the customer feels “sold to” they are less likely to feel they got value for money or to engage with the company again.

Be reliable

Don’t flake on your principles. Once you have developed a set of values and promises, stick to them. Customers want to feel valued and a company that finds loopholes in its own philosophy will struggle to build meaningful relationships with its audience. Whether it’s a free pizza if delivery takes more than 30 minutes or replacing a consumer electronic that has malfunctioned, the cost of doing so, regardless of the details, is far less than the loss of goodwill not doing so might create.

Be aware of your market

Analyse your competitors and the behaviour of consumers to ensure you evolve at the right pace. As your business grows and the landscape changes it is important not to get left behind. It is a hard and more expensive road back to relevancy once your brand is seen as dated or stale.

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