Getting Your Brand Ready for 2015

Rev up your social video strategy. In 2015 and beyond, consumers will increasingly demand video content. YouTube was once the premier video platform, but things are rapidly changing, especially with the rise of options like Vine and the new video capabilities of Instagram. Major brands, like Red Bull, Chipotle, Samsung, UPS, and Dove, all took their social video strategy up a notch this past year and saw tremendous success. Consider this: A video for UPS’ “Your Wishes Delivered” campaign generated a staggering 1 million views — that is amazing brand exposure. In 2015, other brands should follow these major companies’ lead and invest more time and resources into video content.

Invest in the hyperlocal. Hyperlocal content is great for your marketing efforts, as well as for your SEO strategy. Google is increasingly placing emphasis on localized content, giving it a competitive edge in ranking algorithms. “The idea is to produce content written by an author who lives in a specific geographical area,” explained Ryan Buckley, co-founder of content writing service Scripted. “It’s a difficult type of content marketing campaign to pull off because of the large number of writers required, but the results can be tremendous; Google loves original, hyperlocal content that offers a new perspective.”

Invest in native advertising. Native advertising essentially blends the distinction between ad and content. Marketers are expected to spend $4.3 billion on native advertising formats in 2015, and brands are increasingly focusing on owned content. For example, in 2014, Microsoft launched Microsoft Stories, while Apple channeled resources to developing its own collection of videos.

Personalize, personalize, personalize. 75 percent of consumers become frustrated when website content, such as advertisements, promotions, visuals, offers, etc., don’t immediately pertain to their preferences or interests. Tailoring your content to a specific consumer’s wants and needs is a wise investment, and it will be an incredibly important one in 2015. Thanks to increasingly sophisticated data collection techniques, brands have more information about consumers now than ever. The key is to put it to good use.

Currently, about 30 percent of brands are using some kind of personalization marketing technique, but experts say that number will soar in the coming years.

Take your visuals to the next level. That basic infographic? In 2015, it simply isn’t going to cut it. The world of marketing visuals is rapidly becoming more complex, so in order to compete, you need to take your visuals to the next level. Think along the lines of interactive, parallax scrolling, and animation.

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