Brochures To Create Business Impact

Brochures are more than the pieces of paper people ignore in waiting rooms, or teenagers stuff into mailboxes for minimum wage. If done well, they remain one of the most effective forms of print advertising. They have the power to give businesses of all shapes and sizes, across all industries a touch of style, engendering them with trustworthiness, authority and authenticity.

Know your purpose

To create the right kind of brochure for your business you need to understand your audience and what they want to gain from it. Whether it’s sales collateral, or in-depth analysis, this is an important consideration and will inform the entire process. There is no point creating a 40 page brochure if you are trying to catch the attention of a potential client. Too much information will cause customers to put it in the ‘later’ pile. However, handing a client a single fold brochure with just your slogan and contact details isn’t going to sate their desire for more.

Unlock the potential with great design

Simplicity, functionality and innovation are key to making a splash. Think beyond the gatefold and try innovative folding designs that gain attention and keep the reader interested. Incorporate pop-up inserts, interesting die cuts, vibrant colours, and unique textures with thoughtful selection of paper stock. These small details are a big part of a successful larger picture.

Make your message part of the design, whether it’s a play on the idea of folding for outdoor furniture, or edges with the appearance of being well-thumbed to advertise a publishing company. Brochures are a premium product and spending the money to get the perfect piece will be worth it in the end. It’s better to have a spectacular and memorable brochure to improve your brand’s image, than something unremarkable that can make your brand seem cheap and unprofessional.

Create content that captivates

Keep it short.

Even a brochure designed to be informative needs to remain evocative. Use simple statements that cut to the essence of your brand, product and service, without dressing it up in convoluted language. This doesn’t mean you can’t be witty and clever, but long-winded, over-explained jokes and metaphors tend to sound corny, whereas short, sharp lines have greater impact. Cut straight to the chase and let your readers catch up. People love an “ah huh!” moment and understanding a clever joke or play on words is an enjoyable experience, and one which will stick with your audience.

Sell sell sell

Your brochure needs a clear call to action and the copy should be aimed at conversion. Even if it is full of dry facts and statistics, take the time to write content that focuses on the benefits, not simply the features, and it will be far more effective in terms of your business’s bottom line and return on investment.

A well designed brochure can be can be an investment for your business and  sales tool that yields results. The idea of holding and touching a piece of printed media still cuts to the core of the audience experience and the tactile sensation is a powerful way to give your business more authority and feel genuine in the eyes of a consumer. Even in the age of digital marketing and online shopping, print media possesses a legitimacy that a website cannot match.

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