Beyond the brochure: Essential print media for businesses

Brochures are great for taking your business to your audience and giving them a well-planned and thoughtful piece of marketing. However, sometimes you need a more immediate solution, or one that increases the visibility of your company on a large scale.

Business Cards

Business cards are the perfect wallet- or purse-sized way to put your business into the hands of potential customers. They are ideal for meetings, planned or by chance, and a good talking point when trying to close a deal. They provide a professional and preprinted way to exchange contact details, eliminating the amateurism of writing numbers on pieces of paper that can be easily lost or discarded.

Business cards come in hundreds of designs, from the ornate and very expensive, to the simple and low cost. The style you choose depends greatly on their purpose and the frequency at which you plan to hand them out.

For example, a business that relies on other forms of advertising such as digital or radio and television, or a print media campaign, may not need to hand out many cards to be foremost in the mind of a client. The ease of access to the business’s contact information makes the exchange of a card more about the establishment of a point of contact within the company. Whereas a coffee shop, whose main income stream is loyal customers, will probably hand out a great deal of cards as part of a loyalty scheme.
The former business would be advised to spend a little more as they won’t need to hand out as many cards and want to portray a professional, high-end image. While the coffee shop will find better value in high volume, low cost cards.

Letterheads and stationery

The other major printed media a business should consider essential is a well-designed and professional looking letterhead. All business correspondence should be sent on a letterhead, ensuring that your company is taken seriously in its industry. The legitimacy a well laid out letterhead will give your business is incalculable in monetary terms. It ensures letters and invoices are responded to and paid promptly, and it will show your business as a trustworthy entity that a customer can contact if necessary.

Outdoor advertising

People spend a great deal of time outside, away from computers and televisions. Billboards and posters are the ideal way to capture the attention of many people at once. It is an untargeted form of advertising, which means it can be useful to reach people that would normally be overlooked in a narrower media campaign. This form of marketing, which also includes car wraps, storefront signage, and more, has an incredibly low cost per mille (CPM). This is due to it being a one-off cost and the set-and-forget nature of it means it requires little campaign maintenance. People see your advertisement while they drive, wait for the bus, walk past your shop, and go about their day-to-day activities, without any extra cost to your business.

Direct print marketing

A campaign that targets specific demographics is often the most effective way to improve sales and revenue. The use of catalogues, promotional letters, and newspaper and magazine ads has yielded results for decades and continues to be a powerful method of advertising. If you put your brand in the hands of potential customers, you have already overcome the biggest hurdle of any advertising campaign – getting attention.

Print media is part of a comprehensive brand strategy

Effective use of print media can assist a business to develop and maintain a memorable and trustworthy brand. Taking the time to get the details right shows attention to detail and a commitment to professionalism that will pay dividends when your customers are trying to decide if they want to use you again, or try a different business. Invest in direct print marketing, outdoor advertising, business cards and a letterhead, alongside your digital campaign, and your company will project the right kind of image at all times.

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