Alternatives to Rebranding

Sometimes changing your brand isn’t necessary and there are times when a full scale rebrand isn’t feasible. Businesses who don’t need a rebrand are better served taking their money and investing it in their existing image. It can be used to make better products and provide better services; adding value to your existing brand and helping it grow rather than change.

Inadequate reasons to rebrand

Lack of consistency

Improving your current communications or sales collateral is a more cost-effective solution than a full rebrand. Lacking a clear vision and a business path may also indicate deeper problems across the organisation. Such problems would make a rebrand difficult to complete to a standard that would exact lasting and effective change.

Ineffective brand recognition

If your audience doesn’t understand what your business does or who you are, this might be a good opportunity to rebrand. However, a cheaper alternative would be a strong marketing push to bring clarity to your products, services and function. Supporting your current brand image would give your business a clearer idea about whether it does genuinely require a rebrand.

You are bored of your brand

Branding is a long-term strategy and there are no shortcuts to building an image that resonates with people. Rebranding on a whim offers no guarantees that you will be more enamoured with the new direction and won’t resist the urge to attempt another rebrand in three months. Changing your image without due consideration will confuse your customers and may turn them towards your competitors.

Alternatives to rebranding

If you’ve worked hard to build your brand and connect with your audience, a rash rebrand may throw away everything you’ve gained. If it cannot be done right, then it is smart to not do it at all. Instead, consider the following options:

  • Update your company’s vision and mission, which can give your company a reinvigorated outlook.
  • Look for new markets to enter and opportunities for expansion and greater recognition.
  • Give your brand time to grow and evolve. Let it reach a point where rebranding is a natural progression, or becomes unnecessary.

Some businesses do not fully understand the work required to undertake a full rebrand. They mistake the practice as simply changing the logo and the stationery, and they do not address any of the other facets of what is required. A rejuvenation of the brand through improving the consistency and clarity of its current identity and advertising messages might be a more logical way to give your business a boost.

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