A.J. & P.M Sales Website Case Study

Working with the owners of the business, we developed a new website for A.J. & P.M. Sales that focused on functionality, providing customers with clear and simple navigation and a convenient way to make online transactions. Beyond the Hedge set about creating a design that was intuitive and a website experience that would appeal to the business’s busy customers.

Online E-commerce Catalogue. The business is well known in the industry for providing great service to their customers and wanted to replicate this with their online store. The new website incorporates a full featured E-Commerce system that is easy to update for the A.J. & P.M. team and allows the company to readily connect with customers on the go.

Engaging Imagery. A visually engaging banner scrolls through images that feature the team, customers, and even their office dog hard at work! Listing convenient locations and inviting visitors to see what they are up to next and on social platforms, the site conveys an open and friendly representation of the business.

Simple Navigation and Information Hierarchy. We structured the content into relevant sections and ensured key information was displayed in a straight forward manner. To keep customers coming back, we created a clear structured layout which helps direct users to key areas of the site.

Easy to View on Mobile. Research indicates that the design of a website impacts on the perceived credibility and trust in the business. We kept the design minimal and modern, focusing on a good balance between text and imagery.

Responsive Design. The new website is responsive and the design takes every element into consideration ensuring content can be accessed effectively across a range of devices. Content and products are easy to find no matter what device users are on and they can easily navigate to the content that is most relevant to them.

Clear Calls to Action. In order to improve conversion rates and help the A.J. & P.M. Sales team to drive more product orders and engagement, we integrated prominent calls to action and ensured there was a clear user journey through the site.

The A.J and P.M team were very happy with the result and have received great customer feedback.

Check out the new website here: www.ajpmsales.com.au



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