7 Signs It’s Time to Refresh Your Company Website

If your website hasn’t been updated in 5 years or worse still is still rocking that flash animation intro from 1999, you’re in trouble. Research indicates that consumers judge the credibility of your business based on your website. You want an aesthetic that is modern and compelling as well as content that is current and relevant. Wondering whether it is time for a website refresh? Here are seven signs that your website needs an update.

1. Your website’s bounce rate is high

Just because your website is attracting a healthy amount of traffic doesn’t mean that it isn’t time for a refresh. What is more important is your bounce rate. Bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors that leave your website after only viewing one page. In other words, they land on your homepage or landing page and then quickly click the back button, close the browser, or navigate to a new URL. A high bounce rate is a sign of low levels of engagement and may indicate that consumers don’t find your website’s content interesting or relevant. The average website bounce rate is typically somewhere around 40 percent, though it does vary significant by industry. If your website’s bounce rate is over 50 percent, it is probably time to consider a refresh.

2. Time on page for your pages is low

Just like a high bounce rate, low time on page metrics are an indication that your consumers aren’t engaging with the content on your website. If time on a page is low or has been steadily declining, it is probably an indication that your website needs an update.

3. Your website isn’t integrated with your company’s social media accounts

Social media is an increasingly important marketing tactic. And a highly effective, compelling website is the foundation of every effective social media campaign.

4. Stale Content

If you haven’t updated your content for several years it may no longer be current or in line with the services you provide, product range or general company information. The messaging on the site may be outdated and your business may have outgrown the information being presented.

5. Your website doesn’t display well on different devices

In order to succeed in today’s world, your company’s website needs to be optimized for mobile. According to recent research approximately 20% of searches are performed on mobile phones. When it comes to searching for a local business that goes up to 50%. If your website doesn’t display well on a mobile phone or other devices, your company is losing traffic, enquiries and sales.

6. Customers are struggling to find your website online

If a customer types in your company’s name in the Google search box, you should ideally come up on the first page of search engine results. If customers can’t find you online or have to scroll through endless pages of search engine results in order to do so, you will want to invest in a major refresh that includes a serious focus on SEO, including keyword targeting, link building strategy, and on page optimization solutions.

7. You hesitate to give out you website address

Your website should represent your business as professionally and effectively as you do. If for any of the reasons mentioned above, or for a range of other reasons, you find you are hesitating to give out your website address, it is time for a refresh. You and your team should be proud of your website and use it as an effective sales and marketing tool.

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